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Okay.... Cops... And the Authorities.... Sitting down and taking a good look at our history, The relationship between us, the Civilians and those who were to save us from our selves, is pretty redundant. Think about how we often view them.... Over powered, abusive, A slew of profane words I shall not recite. These are the men and women assigned to protect us, and yet we seem to despise them. Given, there TONS of reasons to. Many times has the fuzz took it's weight and tossed it around. Plenty of needless deaths and injuries caused by an aggressive officer in an otherwise small offense. I will not excuse this behavior, but neither side is justified when the only steps taken to fix the issue are complaining, insulting and then rejecting.
So, I'm walking from a friends house a couple of weeks ago at about 2 A.M Just went to see The Lego Move (Funny Movie btw!) and then she forced me to watch Game of Thrones for a couple of hours. As I'm walking to my train, it's dead quiet. No people are either working or asleep right now, to the point where everything is still. 'Thriller's instrumentals could be heard in the distance. I kinda like it. But in the distance, I see a group of rowdy guys hanging round the corner. Yelling, cursing, moving around rather excitedly. I've been jumped before. A lot. for no reason in particular. they didn't pat me down and steal a thing. Just felt the need to kick the fat guy. I feel panic. Already half way to them, turning back now? I feel like
I'd be marking my self as a target. I swallowed hard and continued to walk. As I make it to them, a cop car moves up beside me, stopping at the red light and allowing me the chance to pass them without the risk of being attacked, if they were indeed going to do so. I felt glad to have the law at my side then. (literally) The safe assurance of the law made me rather happy, and my trip home ended well.

What I'd like to add to this is that I have never been done dirty by a proper authority figure. No racial Profiling, no random pat downs, none of it. and I've been told I look pretty damn intimidating but I have seen it happen to others. I've seen guys being man handled and shoved around by officers on what I'd consider small holding drugs, noise complaints, being in a park after hours, hell misunderstandings! And the people behind the offense are being yanked, shoved, slammed into the ground and forced into walls. I could understand if they showed some sort of resistance, But I don't think that "I didn't do shit!" Counts as anything to get rowdy over...

The Oklahoma case where officers beat Nair Rodriguez to death in front of his family? Prime example of why society tends to side against officers. Reports say that the officers asked the man for identification while he was trying to catch up to his wife before she left the parking lot. It's said that his wife recorded the beating but all that has been released is the aftermath, where five officers are pinning down a man who isn't moving or showing any signs of consciousness, Kneeling down on him as if the guy was so strong he could knock them all off if he tried. She questions them, and barely gets any sort of legit answer for what was going on and why they did this. I was once told by an officer that the reason why there are so many more cops in my neck of the woods was because there was a lot of reports from it of criminal activity and such. There was a need for them to be here. And yet, walking to the deli will yield someone complaining about officers. I can't fathom why things are the as they are. Hating the authorities meant to protect you, attacking the people you are supposed to protect. it's maddening to say the least. I feel bad for the good cops that end up lumped in with the bad ones, as well as Civilians who's lives are torn asunder by misconceptions and wild assumptions.
Overall I've always thought highly of officers, they've never made me feel insure or unsafe, but I keep my wits about me. At any time I could become a victim of the same needless aggression or falsely accused of a crime I did not commit. I dread this day... And worry that it may happen to me as well. Hating the 'Law' isn't going to increase my chances of avoiding it though, Say what you want, but we still need them.

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