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Well I've watched a lot of anime over the years and for now I had to slow down... as in to never really watch them anymore now because of the hotspot we own... That darn thing cost to damn much >_<. Forgive my French but the truth is welcome!I try to stay off the internet as much as possible it's sooo not working!! But I'm trying. The one anime that I'm missing the most at the very moment isn't Naruto Shippuden, but the newest anime that came out name Kill La Kill. Don't get me wrong I really do miss Naruto, but Kill La Kill is one epic anime out right now. I've gotten to maybe the 12 episode before I moved, and now just like life the show must go on! So now they are at episode 20, and I will not look for spoilers of any kind. There's a lot of people in a group I'm in on Facebook, that will let you know when a spoiler is coming (And I thank you *teary eyes*), than... you have the other inconsiderate jerks who tell it all and I end up having to scroll past it really fast as to not catch what was there. So far it's worked... Let's hope I can keep it up.

Genre: Action, Comedy, and Drama
So if you want to watch an anime with a bit of humor, epic fighting, and just plain wrong moments, than this is the place to go folks. I guess this has some how turned into an anime type review lol. But I see no harm in it.

This anime was by far number one in my book of watching some good that will keep you hooked for more. Right now it's not in English Dub, but in English Sub. I've watched anime and Japanese Drama to understand most of what is being said and I'm also learning Japanese. If you want to get into this anime, there has been a manga released recently in English that you can try. The book actually came out after the anime which is kind of weird.

Ryuko is a high school girl who lost her father at a young age. She came home from school to find him dying, as he past away in her arms she made a vow to find the killer herself and take revenge on his behalf. Ryuko has been through a lot so now she almost has a permanent frown on her face. This anime has a different style than most and by the characters ways you know this isn't for the kids that watch anime as a whole. I'm not done with this anime so I'll call this Review #1 for it. So when I do get back to watching my shows again I can do a part 2, so you can get a better understanding of it. I think that by the time that happens you'd all ready watched and finished it lol. The writer of this anime is Kazuki Nakashima.

But if you do, let me know what you think and how you enjoyed it.. But don't spoil it for me ;) I hope today will be a good one for you guys. Also right now I rate the anime as 8/10. I need to finish it to give a better and more realistic review.  

I know I'm sorry but my hands move quicker than my brain sometimes. I hope you enjoyed the review. I'm thinking of doing more of these for anime, manga, and maybe cosplays. It could be fun and I won't be the only one. It'll be something of an addition to what we already do. And will keep the days filled instead of empty. Thanks for reading guys and have a great day today!!

Signing off LadyBug *winks*

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