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Hey fellow nerds and geeks alike!! Well I've been gone for sometime now but I see my brother has been keeping everything going!! I really thank all of ya'll for staying and continuing showing so much support to this blog. Keep coming by and please invite others to join us and read on here.

Nothing really changed but I think I missed all of ya'll!! I hope to post a bit more and get back in to the feeling of posting and entertaining ya'll as much as possible to make sure ya'll come back. There's nothing like writing for those that will enjoy what is posted. So please come and enjoy the randomness that we so willingly will share.

Now on another note, of FX they played Thor and Captain America today. I've watched Thor before but this was my first time watching Captain America all the way through. And I must say both of the stories and the gents they've chosen for the roles were really great chooses. If you haven't seen it or you just think other things are important than... you're lame. Teehee yea well they are really great movies and the story lines will keep you in the movie.

I think everyone has a little bit of the nerdy streak in their veins. So if you haven't seen any of these stories, I really recommend them both. I can't wait to see Iron Man sooner or later. Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out this Friday and I really want to see that so I can do a review on it soon. Maybe my brother can do that... I gotta ask him first.

Well ladies and gents, I have to go now. There's some Naruto and Fairy Tail I need to catch up on. Have a blessed night all!!!!

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