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Well folks I wanted to review this anime awhile back but I had some other things to do. Now that I have some free time here is my review of Angel Beats. An anime that was created by Seiji Kishi, this anime has gory, funny, and touching moments all wrapped in 13 episodes. Will they make a second season? I have a feeling that is a big no. For one the 1st season came on television in 2010. I doubt they will make a Season 2 4 years later.

It would pretty awesome if there was a 2nd season though. This anime really had me by the toes when watching it. I can't believe all that has happened. The plot was amazing and on top of that the art work is amazing. If you haven't seen this anime yet well I'm totally recommending to you right this moment!!

Oh man, I just *chuckles* I can't get over the jet pack chair prank. It was way too funny and I burst out laughing every time it happens. The characters developed really well from the very beginning and that's important for an anime such as this one. I mean there was never a point where I had to watch something else in between watching this anime. It brought you in and kept you in.

And to me that's very cool. There are a lot of anime out there that makes you want to tear your hair out. Than the songs, man the songs will touch you. There is so much feeling in one song that will literally take you to tears and you are trying to find that song to download. This was really great and I enjoyed watching it. I could even say in raking for being popular this would be behind Clannad- Dubbed / Subbed.

Now as a warning the ending is what had got to me the most. I have never cried that hard and that much since... Well Clannad. I just wished there would be a second season. It would have been an awesome thing to see if it would happen. A lot has changed in this anime for the best and who doesn't enjoy a great happy ending right? So if you haven't yet this would be a great anime to watch when you still have a bit of free time.

Hope ya'll will enjoy this review and take the time to watch this amazing anime. Love LadyBug!!

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