Hey what's been going on? Well I see that all has been well, but me and the other author's pretty much slacked off for a bit to long and we're really sorry about that. It's been a long few month's. I did tell y'all that I run another blog by myself and I'm in school. I's pretty hectic so we all got too busy to post for you guy's. I'm hoping to get everyone, myself included back on track really soon.
Well any who, now on to the reason on my inevitable return!! *Drum-roll*

There was a sports anime that I've pretty much feel in love with just from watching the first episode of the first season! It's the second sports anime that I've watched but the first to ever make my heart race like I've fallen in love. I'm already a fan of basketball, so with just that one hint you should already know what it is:

"Kuroko's Basketball!"

It's now out that season 3 will be out in 10, 2015!!! I can't wait to see what will be in store for the new season to come! Though it will be shown on it's key station on this day it will also come out again. I don't have all of the details just yet but I just figured there are folks out there wondering if there was even going to be another season (Especially me). So now that you know set the date and hopefully we'll see it on Crunchyroll soon.

Thanks for reading y'all. Sorry for the late come back, I do hope to get all my amazing readers back. I've really missed y'all!!

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