Hey everybody what's up? How you been? What's up with life? Lol I want to show you some pictures of me and Micah and Angie. Don't mind the head wrap it was a spur of the moment. He will be returning to Virginia soon and we didn't know when we would see one another again so I made videos and took a few pictures.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures... I really look rough here lol but eh... This is the first and last time I'll wear my head scarf to take memorable pictures in lol. We had a good time together a few weeks ago and then he came by last night to hang out. We was up till 6 this morning... Yea we are crazy for that teehee. But it was fun and I look forward to doing this again when he comes back home. Life is a gamble and boy did we play the game. Welp I have research to do before classes start back at the Art Institute and I want my essay to be on point when I type it up today or tomorrow afternoon after church. I love you all my lovelies!!! I might put something up tomorrow if anything catches my eye! See you guys tomorrow *blows kisses to all who reads and enjoys my pointless rambling teehee.* ;)

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