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Well, that should do it lol today will be a long one... Once again!! Anyway I'm just chilling writing my boyfriend and doing homework (not really) It's due today so I really do need to get on it. But when I went in to check to see if anyone else posted (I'm in online classes) There's no replies at all!! I sort of snickered that I would have been first if I have posted last night (this morning lol). But it happens from time to time.

If you watched Deadman Wonderland... No questions should suffice!! Enjoy lol
 Watashi wa Shirō ga daisuki
I love Shiro!!

Welp the weekend is like.... Oh a good couple of hours away. So enjoy!! Get drunk. high, party ALL NIGHT LOONNGGG!!! Okay I'm seriously going to rethink what I'm typing now. If you're younger than 21..... Don't read or listen to that last part lol. But do enjoy life, no one should tell you how you should and want to live. Your life is just that yours. Watch all the anime you want, I do lol, just don't let it interfere with your life goals. Strive to do and be better!!

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