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Hey guys today has been long and well I received a bit of criticism on my personal blog. *Sad face* But it was my best friend I guess she wanted to tell me that I need to make it a bit more exciting lol. I'm just posting because I enjoy doing it. Both my personal and this blog are a part of me that I can't live without now. So if I do get called out about something that might be boring to one person and I get over 1,000 views on that same post... well who's really to say it's boring at all?

Anyway my day has been made, I was accepted to do a product review on my personal blog if you want to check that out when I do get the product I'll link you guys to it. More good news (hopefully) cross your fingers and toes that I get a call today from the manager at Rainbows, I really need the job. I started my new class today I'll be doing somethings for that, and I need to turn in past due work for my last class. Everything would have gone well if I didn't miss so many days... Le sigh, I'll do better with my time management and to not stay on my internet for too long the bill last month nearly killed me. So yea a job is a need more than anything I've ever thought of asking for.

I hope y'alls Monday has started off well, and that you didn't dread it as much lol. Mine was pretty good and I can't wait to start this review thing. It's going to be soo cool to try something new and I hope they will keep using me.

By the way tomorrow De Laydee will be posting, well I hope so. She's an author so I think she'll be able to remember to do it. And I had to push a little on the other admins again so I really hope they can deliver like they are suppose too. I mean we all will be posting once a week... I see no problem in that... Maybe it's just me.. I don't know, but I'll see you guys next Monday if the others post! If not you might see me sooner than that... Have a great day enjoy the sun and watch anime peeps I'll see y'all on the flip side


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