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Ha sorry I've been so busy, Well once my airhead friend hurry up and accept the author invite I sent him we will finally have the ball running. I'm sorry again guys this is my fault. I will take responsibility for the lack of activity here. So I'll now *gets on knees and bows* ごめんなさい みな!!

So well I do have a lot of work to do for today, but I do miss all of you guys. So I'll guess I just tell you about my week. So if you didn't know my birthday was on Wednesday of this week, I turned 23. So I'm happy and glad and all that jazz and mom calls to tell me happy birthday yada yada yada. Anyway, I want a camera, I've always wanted one and it's also about that time for me to get a new laptop... Can you believe I've had my laptop for almost 5 years? She's freezing on me, gets over heated and I just need a new one because sometimes I can't get things done on time. But back to my point.

So today she should be coming to get me so we can do that, plus my boyfriend sent me some cash for my birthday as well... I think it's to make up for not being able to come home like he wanted. (He's in the Airforce). So yea my weeks been... ok but I'm great full for seeing another day being alive and smelling the roses. I start my new class soon but I need to get some things turned in for the one I'm in now. I really want to pull my grade up a bit more. I've been slacking and I don't like slaking. *Coughs* I missed 10 days *Coughs* That is bad right? Lol I can't believe I did that to myself. Hopefully with the help of the other authors this blog will flrushish and y'all will only see me once a week.... Except in next month with the challenge and everything. Yea I can't wait either!!

Well guys I think that is all for today... come by again tomorrow though -KingBlades will be posting. And y'all will hear from me again on Monday, because that's my day :) Thanks for stopping by and reading, sorry one last time!! <3

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