Hey my lovelies I wanted to share my point of view on this blog I've told you all about maybe a few days ago. The intent at "Words Don't Do It Justice".

This blog post is a few days old but I'm still going to let you all read and if you want put your point of view as well. Follow them too. The information is amazing and I enjoy reading posts written by Reign.

This was my response to the blog.

"Hey! Lady bug here to just put her little two cents in this here blog of yours!
Reign thank you for speaking mine and a few hundred thoughts out there that don’t particularly have the balls to go about all that you have said.
Now on to my view:
So I’m black… As black as they come because if I did have any other races blood running in my veins I don’t know about it. I did recently see a picture of a great-great-great-uncle who “looked to be mixed”, but you can’t really tell much because the photo was old and of course the signature color of black and white. There were a few distinct features that one would say he could have been of Asian decent. But once again… I really don’t know.
Now yes in the past I’ve seen “African-American/ Black” and never thought twice about it, I guess I just accepted it and moved on. Maybe that’s our problem here. We tend to accept things in this day in age like doing nothing would impact the already judgmental world we live in. If there was a way to change our fellow “Black folks” way of thinking maybe some sort of change will occur. Here’s a example of what I go through down here in the South.
Stranger: “Ooh, girl you got dat’ good hair! Can I touch it? *precedes to touch* Yep you must be mixed, it’s so soft and curly!
Me: *Looking at them weird* “No… I’m just as black as you…”
Stranger: *Smacks lips* “Stop lying! You know you got some Indian in you somewhere down the line!”
Me: “No, I….” *Gives up after trying.*
So…. yeah even in our own race we tend to say very… ignorant, things to each other. This is what I go through as a black girl that people assume that I’m mixed. Okay maybe I am, but I’m black until I see some records saying otherwise."

Another Thing is...
I also found an article that also had so great views on "multiracial" people of today. The fact that there are ways that you can choose more than one box for a census is a start I guess...  But if the person is Jewish, Japanese and European, and was born in, say I don't know Bremen Germany how else can they reply to a application for a job where you can only check Black, White, and other one word race... What can really be done? I just want to know what my child(ren) will have to put when I decide to have some in the future? I want to know what you think Rachel and Jun. What is your opinion on something like this?

I hope today will raise some questions and I'll do my best to give you answers. Thanks for reading my lovelies. Have a nice rest of the day. Enjoy the snow!!

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